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Install make

Unix programs are often written in C, so well usually need a install C compiler to make make build them.
Lets take a simple Hello world C program, make and lamp see what install it would take to install package it with autotools.
AM_init_automake macro: AM_init_automake, next, we need to tell autoconf about the dependencies make our configure script needs to look for.Dont worry, though: these scripts arent built by hand.In these cases the configure script will establish that install your system does indeed have a C compiler, and find out what its install called and where to find.(configure (error not found.The install bin prefix tells automake that the file listed here should be installed make to the directory defined by the variable bindir.Build the software, once make configure has done its job, we can invoke make to build the software.This usually means that the programs binary table will be copied to a directory on your path, the programs manual page will be copied to a directory on your manpath, and any other files it depends on will be safely stored in the appropriate place.Is there any in the module you are trying to install? AC_prog_CC macro: AC_prog_CC, if there were other dependencies, then wed use other m4 macros here to discover them; for example the.
Now that the software is built and maken ready to run, the files can gordijnen be copied to their final destinations.
If we make wanted to install some Ruby scripts as part of our program, we could define a rubydir variable and logo tell automake to install our Ruby files there: rubydir (datadir ruby ruby_data my_script.
The programs suffix is called a primary.
The Makefile contains all kinds of interesting targets, including one to build a tarball of the project containing maat all of the files we need to distribute:./configure make gordijnen dist You can even test that the distribution tarball can be installed under a variety of conditions: make.
In this case, the configure script only needs to look for a C make compiler.
Since the install step is also defined in the Makefile, where the software is installed can change based maken on options passed to the configure script, or things the configure script discovered make about your system.
It tells automake what keuken properties the helloworld file has.OR checking for somename.There are various directories defined for us by maker autotoolsincluding bindir, libdir, and pkglibdirbut we can also define our own.The reply you are getting is actually an error generated by make, complaining that it maken can't file the Makefile (which would organizer tell it what needs to be done).The make install command will copy the built program, and its libraries and documentation, to the correct locations.The end user doesnt see these tools, but they take the pain out of setting up an install process that will run consistently on many different flavours of Unix.Fortunately, autotools will help us with distribution too.(configure laten (error C preprocessor lib/cpp" fails sanity check.There are three distinct steps in this process: Configure the software, the configure script is responsible for getting ready to build the software on your specific system.The tarball you download usually doesnt include a finished Makefile.C Heres the whole file for our helloworld program.This runs a series of tasks defined in a Makefile to build the finished program from its source code.Heres the source of the program, in a file called main.Since were not following the standard layout of a GNU project, we warn automake that this is a foreign project: automake_options foreign Next, we tell automake that we want the Makefile to build a program called helloworld: bin_programs helloworld Theres a lot of information packed.

Since weve defined a program, we need to tell make automake where to find its source files.
Sometimes these supporting scripts are longer than the source code of the program they install.
H int main(int argc, char* argv) printf Hello worldn return 0; Creating the configure script, instead of writing the configure script by hand, we need to create a file written in m4sha combination of m4 macros and posix shell scriptto describe what the configure script.