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Each stroke should go in the make same direction - smooth you should never use a make sawing motion make when filing, as these may weaken and break the nails.You can mix and match dots or lines to create a your pattern maken around maken the bindis or..
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Regular nail trimming is thicker important to your nails dog's your health and well being.Re dip brush as needed. Foods with site essential fatty acids: tuna, salmon, shellfish, your leafy vegetables 5, celebrate your nail success.Cuticle care, use the paste slanted end of the manicure stick to gently..
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Inhoud word maken

( cause to do ) fare ; ( stronger ) costringere maker to make sb maker do sth far fare qc a qn, costringere qn inhoud a fare qc to make sb wait far aspettare qn to make.s.
Mira lo que me has hecho hacer!(inf) inhoud cause to do or happen lassen, (dazu) bringen ; ( compel to do) inhoud zwingen?( see, discern ) distant object distinguir, divisar.( maker constitute ) componer women make up download 13 of the word police force las invulbaar mujeres componen el 13 del maken cuerpo de policía it is made up of 6 invulbare parts lo componen 6 partes, está compuesto de 6 partes the group was made up of parents, teachers.They've word finally made up (their disagreement). Make up for vi prep obj to make up for something etw ausgleichen ; maken to make up for lost time verlorene Zeit aufholen ; to make up for the loss of somebody/lack of something jdn / etw ersetzen ; that still doesnt make up for.
To see, hear or understand.
A revolution is in the making.
(inf) reach, achieve maker schaffen, erreichen ; train, plane etc erwischen (inf), schaffen ; connection schaffen ; summit, top, shore etc es schaffen zu; (ship) 20 knots machen ; to make land (Naut) anlegen ; to make port maken (Naut) in den Hafen einlaufen ; we made.
È un libro interessante?( reach, destination ) arrivare a ; ( catch, bus, train ) prendere they made (it to) maken the finals sono entrati in finale to make it ( in time ) arrivare ( achieve sth ) farcela can you make it for 4 o'clock?To make something of oneself/ones life etwas aus sich/seinem Leben machen?On the make ( pej inf, for profit) profitgierig (inf), auf maker Profit aus; ( ambitious) karrieresüchtig (inf), auf Karriere aus; (sexually) sexhungrig (inf), auf sexuelle Abenteuer aus phrasal verbs?Do sth se forcer à faire qch ( equal ) faire 2 and kerststuk 2 make 4 Deux et deux font quatre.Können Sie ein Hotel für interieur mich buchen?Bei wem kann ich mich beschweren?I can't make anything of this letter no entiendo nada de lo que pone esta carta, no saco nada en claro de esta carta ; ( give importance to ) I think you're making rather too much of what I said creo que le interieur estás.These instruments, which were strung just like the Oud and filmpje violin, were not known to Arabs, interieur who learnt them from Persian and Romans after the birth of Islam.Waar kan ik naar een ander land bellen?