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I could make you care

i could make you care

Veronica will blame herself, but the incident just reinforces that she made the right decision.
If not already done, complete There Stands the Grass and https do not allow Keely to delete the data.
This may be a misconception due to Nipton 's ease of access combined with any "Legion areas" able to trigger her response to the legion.However, sit down, and when you stand back up, open the companion wheel, go to the talk to option, and then talk to her about trading equipment, take the dress care back and put it back in, and when you leave the triggers should work.When she wakes up, you can manually talk to her twice for care her standard dialogue.Archimedes I, the base-protection technology that will kill the NCR soldiers.Find one piece of advanced technology to convince the Elder make of Veronica's fears.Vault 3, inside, vault 34 or the cave leading into.Veronica will ask the player make to help her find some data or technology that will help her convince the Elder.If Veronica is told to pursue the pulse gun, but the player enters wifi the Elder's office with Euclid's C-Finder instead, then the quest completion dialogue for the rangefinder will play.Solution to the dialogue between Veronica and the Elder freezing or not starting at all during the first phase I Could could Make You Care: upon arrival, stand beside the Elder's table and raise and lower (twice if necessary) make your Pip-boy any time the conversation freezes.Verified PC Playstation 3 Should you complete the entirety of the quest before care accessing make the Comm Terminal in Gibson's shack, accessing said terminal, exiting, then speaking with Veronica may cause an infinite dialogue loop.Since there channel are always three triggers available (McCarran, Vault 3, Nelson/Cottonwood Cove it's generally going to be better to trigger the quest "normally" - use admin the console only if the regular triggers won't work.(There's an optional 95 Speech check here your rewards no XP for passing make it, but it has essentially the same outcome.) Note that attacking the paladins at this make point will fail the quest and make Veronica leave.Please note this is not permanent, and has to be done every time a player wants to activate a trigger. This can be fixed by targeting her care in the care console and better entering the better addscriptpackage 0014779f.
Veronica will want to go outside to get some air.
(Or you can talk to Veronica make about the technologies and switch to a different objective.) If the dialogue options do not voice open automatically give Veronica some Formal Wear for the unmarked quest You Make Me Feel Like tinder a Woman and she will most likely not.
Even if you have done so, the quest will not google update for this until you have it in your inventory.
The player gets 1000XP and Veronica gets the Bonds of your Steel your perk.
However, this is not the case.
If the dialogue options do not open automatically give Veronica some formal wear for the unmarked quest You Make Me Feel Like a Woman and she will most likely not respond.Then go to Gibson's Shack and access the comm terminal, and once you do, voice it will say (in the upper left side of your screen) "completed: Access Father Elijah's notes for the comm terminal and upon exiting the terminal, Veronica will automatically start talking.This removes the requirement of picking a Very Hard (100) lock.The player gets 1000XP and Veronica gets the Causeless Rebel perk.170 profile Talk to Veronica 200 Discuss your remaining options with Veronica.110 Bring the data back to the elder at Hidden Valley.

Complete That Lucky Old Sun and divert power to Archimedes.
He will care remain unconvinced.