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How to make your own youtube video

Depending on how long your youtube video is, it will either take a make minute or longer.
Yes, you laces can do it on tablet the same way that keyboard you would do it on a cellphone.
Use notes in case you forget what you're going to say.
Make sure your recording is clear and that the entire your subject is showing - not make just youtube half.You will be asked to add a title, description, and any tags.You run it on the background and record it while you play.If you don't have a Gmail account, you'll have to create one.Submit Tips Practice what you are going to say in your video before actually recording.You will also be required to select a category that your video belongs.They youtube will start to grow after you get better and better.4, record your video.If you're narrating, speak video in a loud, clear voice so viewers can hear you.2, set your everything up before you start recording.6 Once you have filled out that information, just click the "OK" button and YouTube will begin uploading the video.9, after you have uploaded your YouTube video, it will be in the public. 4 Click your on the squirt arrow.
Keep a youtube public clean space make when you are filming.
3, the next make hair steps depend on what you will be using to your record your movie.
5 YouTube public will ask you to fill in information concerning your video and its contents.
After you have filled the information, just click the "OK" button make and YouTube will begin uploading the video.8, public when your video is ready, upload.You your have uploaded your first video!5, plug your camera into youtube your computer and import your the video into your files.On the software that you're using to edit your video, there should be a YouTube icon somewhere on the page.