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How to make your computer fast again

And because you didnt think Ill stop my flow of words now?;-) When this watermark post was almost finished, and I was ready to push the your Publish button in my WordPress blog, I discovered that one of the images I have used to illustrate my story.
The bios reported increase in the speed of the CPU fast fan!
Fan Mate 2 controller was attached, and imagine my astonishment, fast when I discovered that the small control knob was turned all the way clockwise, which means the fan was set to the minimum possible rotation speed!There was no Back button, no turning back.Bios was controlling your the speed of the fan, but the.In its turn, this has led the intelligent Intel processor to reduce its own speed and power to prevent damage to the CPUs core from over-heating (I think, this is described using the term thermal throttling ).Or, if we could cite Queen Galadriel here from John Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings, when she told Frodo in Lothlorien: will Even the smallest person can change the course of the future., start just substitute person with your detail and youve got it:-) Now, after all.My text, almost everything, computer was gone, because of this mistake maybe WordPresss intelligent built-in again editor has fixed my mistake by erasing most of the html code, or maybe I simply deleted the code myself, I dont know.The Zalman fan can be automatically controlled via better the bios (based on current CPU load and temperature or manually, using the provided.I had to re-write again almost everything, if I wanted to share this story with you. And its like I have been given a acrylic new, much faster computer, without paying a single dollar:-) I have rather site good experience with sushi computers I have assembled all of game my previous computers myself, except for the computer first one I owned (an HP Vectra Pentium.
As people say, alls well that ends well.
Fan Mate make 2 controller.
You should know that this is rather powerful configuration I am using at my workplace, and the PC your is not make more than half a year old make (it was assembled in May 2006, as far as I remember).
This explains the slowness of the PC lately and its apparent tendency to be not-so-responsive when subject to intensive multi-tasking and higher load.
V-Data 2 x 512 MB, running in dual channel mode Gigabyte GV-NX66L 128DP nVidia GeForce 6600LE PCI-E video adapter, harddisk Seagate 250 GB sata (7200 rpm/16 MB L2 cache and LG HL-DT-ST dvdram GSA-H10A sushi DVD/-R/RW DL writer, all of this in sturdy and functional server Chieftec.
Zalman cnps9500 LED cooler (all 100 make copper make heatsink with optimised design, special heatpipes,.2mm ultra-slim copper fins, ultra quiet cnps 92mm opaque fan with blue LEDs, and adjustable fan speed controller (.While the defragmentation was running, I opened the PC case to blow away some (possibly) accumulated dust around the fans during the last month or two.I was at the same time relieved fluid (that I have discovered the reason for this serious problem with my PC) and angry with myself that I didnt check this possible solution first!Just to be sure, I immediately re-booted the PC and entered the bios, then turned the knob of the Fan Mate all the way counter-clockwise, while watching the PC Health screen.The Intel CPU is complemented with a Gigabyte.

Inside the case is running a fast and cold dual-core Intel Pentium-D processor (D-820 clocked.8 GHz (14 x 200 MHz, 2 x 1 MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB kept cool by the.
Imagine my (although much anticipated) satisfaction, when I again discovered that everything was OK now after a few minutes work with the OS and various programs, my earlier conclusion was confirmed the one and only reason my PC was so slow lately, is the fact that.